AnnieMac's Philanthropy

As a mortgage lender, our business is building communities. We do this in the literal sense, by placing people in homes.

But a community is more than the residents of a given area and the buildings where they live. It’s also a sense of concern for those around us, and a willingness to step up when they need assistance. We see our charity work as part of our commitment to this ideal.

We’ve been involved in a number of charitable causes. Currently, we are focusing on a Colorado-based charity called Freedom Service Dogs of America, which takes in rescue dogs, trains them as service dogs, and provides them free of charge to people facing physical, mental or psychological challenges who would benefit from an animal to assist them.

We’ve participated in builds with Habitat for Humanity, sponsored blood drives, helped fund a summer camp program for children with cancer, and sent funds to victims of natural disasters.

We’ve also provided toys for children during the holiday season, assisted families who have recently suffered a loss, donated extensively to a charity that promotes education and awareness about breast cancer, and helped serve food to people in need.

AnnieMac Home Mortgage not only builds communities, but helps look out for them. That’s our mission. That’s who we are.

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